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I know you’ve probably heard this a million times over that you were created for a purpose, to have an impact and live a meaningful life etc. If you haven’t, then you are hearing it from me now. It isn’t implausible that you are not here on this planet just to exist or as an addition to the already populated world. You are here at this time and reading this for a purpose...and the purpose is a good one.

Sometimes it can be difficult to believe that there is a purpose for life when things are not going smoothly, it is easier to think that there’s no point to all this. Regardless of how you feel, it doesn’t negates the fact that you are here to have an impact and a good one at that. Just as a tiny drop of water makes an ocean, making an impact begins with one act of kindness, just like a seed planted when matured it re-produces much more than the seed planted.

You are here for a reason, everything you say or do matters. Whether you like it or not, someone somewhere will be affected by your actions or inaction because no man is an island; we are created to co-habit. In the light of this, it is particularly important that we be more mindful of the impact of our actions. To make our world a better and safe place to be, individuals need to be more aware of the impact we have on one another especially as it is debatable as to whether the impact is positive or negative. This of course is entirely up to us and the result is always obvious. Positive impact creates a better, safe, friendly and more conducive environment while the opposite is the case for negative impact.

Apart from this we need to thrive to leave a good legacy, what you do or do not do is what you will be remembered for; no one speak ill of the dead but surely no one forgets their negative deeds too. We all have a role to play as no one is created useless. You become useless when you choose not to make use of yourself. You are here to make an impact, make it a good one!

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