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Group Training


JUT provides facilitated empowerment programs which can be adapted for specific groups. These programmes are for church groups or communities who are thinking of setting up mentoring programmes or where mentoring programmes are already in place, but have identified the need of further training.

The training can be adapted to suit your needs.


Middle Ground


These sessions involve youth and adult participation in interactive workshops and team building exercises to build relationships and encourage respect and positivity.


For further information and pricing on the above options or to request bespoke training, call us on 0333 9398623 or send an email to  Alternatively, you can leave your details on our Contact page.

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Here are some of the areas we consult on:

Advice on setting up a mentoring program

Training: Setting up a mentoring program


Policy and Procedure Writing


Advice and support in forming a business or a charity

Assistance with completing and/or submission of charity/business registration form

Working with young people on creative strategy.

Contact us for further information and quotes.

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