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HAPPY NEW YEAR: Cut Out The Hype...

Updated: Dec 13, 2019

What really makes the New Year a happy one? Yes, the answer is very much subjective, but that does not stop me from asking. ‘Happy New Year’ is what we all say to one another to wish ourselves happiness…and so it should be. BUT…for many people, New Year’s Eve and New Year is something they dread for one reason or another. A quick look on the internet confirmed some of the reasons: financial concerns, relationship woes, loneliness, illness etc. It’s a big world out there and in reality, simply restarting the year is not going to change anything in people’s lives.

I look back to about 20 – 25 years ago when I realised that the first day and week of January were not actually 'happy' for me, in fact I used to feel like a deflated balloon. You know when you have blown up a balloon and after a few days the trapped air begins to gradually escape…? Well, for me, I allowed myself to get trapped by so much hype and ideology of what New Year’s Eve should be and how brilliant, renewed and different my New Year was going to be… Then hours or days into the New Year when my expectations were not met or I found myself being unable to deliver the ‘bliss’ and change of the new year, the trapped air was released and I was left feeling like the rubbery remains of that balloon.

I realised that I hated feeling like that, so I decided to change my approach to the New Year.

Here are just a few of the ways in which I did that:

  • Not to have unrealistic targets for myself – do away with resolutions and only set realistic goals.

  • Never rely on anyone else to bring me happiness

  • Never rely on anyone else to change – I needed to change my expectations

  • Manage my finances in the old year, so they do not depress me in the New Year

  • Trust and lean on God – this was paramount for me

  • Appreciate and love who I was. This took me a while as I kept changing and had to do lots of growing

After many years, and many changes (not just the above), I am able to look back with gratitude and look forward to the New Year, regardless of what it may bring. More importantly though, I have become more aware and can relate to those who still feel or are going through the ‘deflated balloon’ stage. If you are in that category, try making some internal life changing adjustments, similar to my six points above. Better still, grab a friend or mentor and talk through some of those issues and expectations so you are not left feeling deflated. If you are a mentor, reach out to your mentees and ask them about their expectations for the year and how you may be of help in any way. If you would like to become a mentor, please do leave a message or contact me by clicking here and leaving your details.

Thank you all for your likes, feedback, support and encouragement in 2015.

Have a blessed and amazing New Year and continue to reach out to others.

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