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Mental Health Conversations

Next discussion: 29th October 2022, 4pm, Deptford Lounge (Library), Lewisham.

We will be talking about Black Excellence and mental health during our next roundtable discussion.  We want to find out what this means to 16 - 25 year olds.  As Black people, do you feel we need to work twice as hard, for half as much?  We will also explore the possible impact on mental health, whether positive or negative.  This discussion will be facilitated by JUT’s youth mentors, a mental health practitioner and members from GLOBE. 


Held in partnership with Globe and sponsored by Gilead. 

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Why we are having conversations


In 2020, we conducted research around the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on young people’s mental health and found that COVID had negatively impacted over 80% of the 237 young BAME people we surveyed.  As a result, we have been exploring other ways to support young people, particularly Black people and their mental health.  One of such ways is raising awareness on mental health, encouraging having conversations and getting support.  


We are helping to raise awareness by hosting a series of workshops to facilitate safe spaces for mental health discussions, and to encourage more young Black people to talk openly and honestly about how they feel.

Join the conversation.

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