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Earlier in 2021, we were fortunate  to team up with NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) again to work on their 'Leave Them Certain' campaign.  This time we collaborated with Archetype - the leading Arabic creative agency in Europe - to create a campaign that targets the young black community in England. 


What is 'Leave Them Certain'?


‘Leave Them Certain’ means ensuring that your loved ones know your decision around organ donation, so they are not left with the additional stress and anxiety involved in having to make a decision on your behalf, without knowing it was what you really wanted

It’s a call to action to discuss organ donation with your loved ones to make sure they have the certainty they need at a difficult time. NHSBT

As we really wanted to encourage young adults to begin conversations with family members and loved ones, it was essential for the campaign to be created by some of our young people.  One of our Youth Ambassadors - Precious Oladipo, developed a  great  script that we hope will really encourage young black people to start having discussions about organ donation and what to do, especially in light of the organ donation law and the 'opt out' system.  The opt out system basically means it will be considered that you agree to become an organ donor when you die, if:

  • you are over 18;

  • you have not opted out;

  • you are not in an excluded group.

So, if you are 18 - 25 (or a parent/carer), we encourage you to have the conversation. Leave them certain.

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